Personal injury

Personal Injury Information

Reasons to file a personal injury suit

  1. In the event of Catastrophic Injury or Death

  2. Nursing Home Negligence

  3. Auto & Truck Accidents

  4. Unsafe Products

  5. Medical Negligence

  6. Birth Defects

  7. Construction Accidents

  8. Airplane Accidents

  9. Unsafe Drugs & Medical Devices

REASONS NOT TO FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM if you are involved in an accident.

  1. Every insurance claim filed is stored forever by a computer system shared by all insurance companies. Any prior injury, even if not severe, will be recorded as a preexisting injury.

  2. The insurance company will not be the defendant, it will be the "poor driver" that would be sued if the insurance company doesn't reimburse you for unpaid medical bills YOU ACCRUE while recovering from an accident.

  3. The insurance company, whichever one, will take a "Delay, Deny, Defend" strategy. Some Claim That Liability Car Insurance Companies Verge On Institutional Bad Faith

  4. Most doctors WILL NOT treat you, even if it is your "family doctor" because they often end up not getting paid because of internal bickering between health insurers and "responsible third parties" (otherwise known as subrogation). Call your family doctor right now and pose a "what if" question to the billing department woman.

  5. If you manage to obtain the medical treatment you need, the insurance company will likely wait until a week before trial,one to two years later, whereby they enjoy the interest earned off money you deserved soon after your medical treatment ends.

  6. You are often required to incur all unpaid medical bills, even if you have health insurance, along with lost wages/income, and only be reimbursed at the end of the process, whether by settlement, or by trying your case to a jury.

  7. The money you eventually receive, after attorney fees and court costs, after the doctors get paid, is often little to none. Jurors will most of the time only pay medical bills and lost wages - numbers that can be written on a whiteboard. The only other cause of action left for a jury to decide is "pain and suffering" and "mental anguish". The insurance companies' tactics alone deserve "mental anguish" money, but the law forbids you to sue the defendants' insurance company (You can sue your own insurance company). On Jan. 9, 2011 I was fined $7,500.00 by a Williamson Court (Texas) Judge because my client said the "I" word (insurance) to a jury.

Here are just a few tips on personal injury case:

  1. Call the police department.

  2. Ask for medical assistance right away, asap!

  3. Do not move your automobiles unless instructed to do so by the police.

  4. Collect personal and insurance information from all drivers involved.

  5. Note the date, time, and location of the incident.

  6. Look for any witnesses and collect their names, telephone numbers & driver licence numbers.

  7. Do not admit any liability or fault.

  8. Take pictures of all the automobiles involved.

  9. Do not make a deal with an insurance company.

  10. E-mail or Call Scott Ogle, Attorney at Law at (512) 442-8833.