Additional Factors

Establishment of proof that an employer-employee relationship, which can include any of the following:
      An Employment Contract or Offer Letter that does not specifically state that you are a contractor.

      In the absence of a contract, employment can be established by use of company tools such as having signed an acknowledgment of an employee handbook, using company computers and equipment, or wearing company uniforms during the course of work provided.

      If a laborer’s work is independently done, he or she can still be considered an employee if he works for a specific company and only that company.
         -The employer managers and regulates the project at various stages of completion.
         -The worker has been hired for an indefinite period of time.
         -The worker is paid by hour rather than by project.
         -A borrowed employee is asked to work for the company for an unspecified length of time.
         -The borrowed worker fills a position that almost anyone could fill.
         -The borrowing employer takes responsibility for paying the worker’s income tax and social security benefits.