How It Benefits Employees

Workers’ comp insurance renders employers nearly 100% immune to work injury cases, with the only exception being the wrongful death of an employee killed by an employer whose actions were grossly negligent. In this case, a wrongful death lawsuit would be a more informed approach than filing a work injury lawsuit.

If you are injured working for an employer who subscribes to Workers’ Comp Insurance, you have no legal option to file a work injury lawsuit. However, your situation can be remedied though an administrative process where you may still be entitled to additional coverage.
Remember, even if your employer claims to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, he or she may be misleading you, and an experienced lawyer can help you through the administrative process of seeking compensation through workers compensation insurance.

This process will not result in a lawsuit, but is nonetheless complex and injured workers often do not receive the full amount they deserve due to the highly technical nature of the coverage.

Scott Ogle has years of experience with work and personal injury law and can help you identify additional parties who may be liable or responsible for your accident.