The Value Of Filing A Suit

We’ve given you a lot to consider, and determining whether you have a non-subscriber case is a highly technical process that can be incredibly overwhelming for those without a great deal of experience in work injury cases, especially when your employer does not play along and ties to obscure whether he or she is covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Do not sign any documents, make any statements, or accept any sort of payment until after you have obtained legal representation.

We have been helping injured workers get compensation for twenty years. Our experience covers both subscriber and non-subscriber cases for both employees and contractors.

We are experienced at identifying your eligibility to file a work injury lawsuit, and we have the resources and knowledge to help you identify additional potential defendants in your case so that you may receive the largest settlement possible.

We have witnessed every kind of trick an employer may try to hide their legal liability and faced every major insurance carrier in the country building a reputation that behooves them to settle for fear of being pitted against us in court.

Because of this carefully crafted reputation and degree of success, adjusters and defense lawyers often happily meet all of our settlement demands out of court, which means that your compensation comes quickly and with minimal stress and face time required from you.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring you get the compensation you need and the fair treatment you deserve, regardless of your situation.

If you have been injured on the job, do not let your employer’s negligence, or that of any other party involved, go unpunished. Call Scott Ogle today and make sure your rights are protected.