What To Do

Being injured on the job is an unfortunately common incident in Austin that can often be frustrating and confusing to handle on your own. Workers’ Compensation laws are complex and highly technical in nature which can make protecting your rights difficult to impossible without the assistance of an attorney to guide you along the way.

Work injury claims in Texas often involve Worker’s Compensation, which may provide a compliant employer with immunity to lawsuits. Unscrupulous employers can, and sometimes do, take advantage of the general public’s lack of understanding of the complexities of Worker’s Compensation and work related injury laws in order to conceal their true susceptibility to lawsuits or to simply deny coverage to an employee in order to avoid an increase in their insurance premiums for either their workers’ comp policy or a general liability policy.

Scott Ogle has extensive experience working on injury cases and understand the breadth and scope of an injured employee’s legal rights down to the smallest detail. We can advise you on how to handle your specific case, and our lawyers are dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve.