Workers Comp Rights

Under Workers’ Compensation Insurance you are entitled to the Following:

    -Recovery of the cost of over the counter medical supplies and medications upon providing receipts to the insurer.
    -Complete coverage of your medical expenses
    -Compensation for mileage driven from the office to the ER, designated workers’ comp doctors’ office, drugstore or pharmacy. Mileage must be documented with the date, time, location and purpose of the trip.
    -Compensation for hours spent outside the office for medical treatment and the purchase of necessary medications or medical supplies up to 70% of your lost income up to a maximum coverage of $600 per week. 

    -Additional compensation for lost wages during recovery time outside the office as documented to be necessary by your doctor.

If the severity of the injury renders you incapable of working, you are entitled to receive compensation up to the $600/week maximum for the remainder of your life.

A final payoff that is essentially equal to three weeks of reduced pay for each percentage point of disability that you have at the end of your recovery period.

Additional other benefits may apply as well and should be discussed with an attorney. Additionally, these benefits are theoretical and are based on the assumption that the insurance company administering the policy and the medical providers are all doing everything ethically and fairly. Sadly, that is not always the case and many injured workers do not get fair treatment for under workers’ compensat